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Why light and shadow play for your child? 1) To develop creativity 2) To increase attention span 3) For your child to understand the works of Physics 4) To develop fine and gross motor skills in your child 5) To develop linguistic abilities for your child 6) To build up confidence in your child A) In the living room - Form shadows on the wall and floor to play with your child - Cut out the shapes of objects which your child likes and knows and reflect the shape on the wall using a flashlight - Varying the distance between the object to be reflected on the wall and the light source, show your child you are able to enlarge and diminish the shape of your child - Hide behind the curtains and play hide and seek with your child. Make sure your spouse is playing the same game too so that you would not scare your child too much B) In the bedroom - Hide under the blanket with your child with a torchlight - Shine at the things in your bedroom with a torchlight - Make different kinds of shapes and shadows on the wall with your hands C) In the day - Point out your child's shadows to him or her - Allow your child to explore freely what he or she can do to form shadows on the ground (such as holding on to different objects or using different body movements) - Use a magnifying glass to show how shadows can be casted when light passes through the magnifying glass
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