4 years ago5,000+ Views's the deal: I'm *this close to getting into a heated and spirited discussion about "traditional" wedding cake. I'm going to pose a question and hopefully I'll get some answers: What is traditional wedding cake? What makes a "traditional" wedding cake traditional? I can't be the only person flummoxed by that terminology. I see the term a lot. I see it in advertisements. I've seen in written about on blogs and even TheKnot. Yet, I still am just as confused because while wikipedia can give historical recipes, I am desperate to get definitive information. I wonder, with such little information, are we perpetuating a false or misunderstood term? Has it been advertising all along? Maybe there really is no such thing as a traditional cake anything. Any Vinglers out there want to share some insight? What makes a "traditional" wedding cake traditional? That is the questions. Redundant, perhaps, but I just wanted to be clear.
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Looks like I'm not the only one that doesn't know the answer. 5k visitors and no comments. LOL Glad I am not crazy. :)