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Rapturous. This all-white very square wedding cake, ensconced with rhinestones, probably Swarovski, is a masterpiece to behold! Look at the grace and beauty of the silhouette. The monochrome texture is stunning. Proportionally, this cake is exquisite. While this cake is #everything, I want to take a pause and point out some of the winning details that are not edible. For instance, the mirrored platform pedestal-covered in mesh crystals. Then there's another flat base (to transport the cake) that is also beaded in crystals. Can you take your eyes away from that crystal brooch?! #Gagging!! After you catch your breath a minute, cast your gaze upward to the elegant swirl cake topper. Embedded with crystals the design complements the cake effortlessly. It adds the finishing touch as it should without overpowering the design. There's much talk about cake elements and must-haves. What's rarely discussed, however, is the proportion. Some questions to help you tackle this: Are the cake layers proportional to the overall design? Does the detail of piping and appliques work with the overall design? Is it too small, too big? Then there are the non-edibles. They too have to be in proportion to the cake and the overall design. Is the base or pedestal too big or too small? Are the bands, ribbons, flowers, and rhinestones in balance with the cake and the overall design? Really think about all the things you want your cake to look like before saying I do because there's so much more to the cake than the stuff that's edible. If you need help with finding the perfect balance between cake and the non-edible cake elements, then this ought to either inspire you tremendously or be your go-to for that perfect blend. I am going to shut my mouth now and just stare a bit....
@typeB This cake truly is remarkable. I am so glad you like it as well. Are you preparing for your own nuptials or just taking in the view? I'm not planning anything for me, but I JUST HAD to show this beauty off to everyone. So glad you liked it.
WOW stunning