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My least favorite thing about winter is that even if the sun is out, it is still cold and dreary, especially on the short walk from my car to the gym :) I've decided to get myself pumped up for the gym this week with a new playlist inspired by the summer I miss so much! Here are seven songs that will bring back the feelings of summer and will get you running to a great tempo. These songs will get your through a 25 minute workout and will inspire you to stay on that treadmill for an extra mile - I promise! 1. Jealous - Chromeo 2. Icona Pop - We Got the World 3. Calvin Harris - Feel So Close 4. Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter 5. Smallpools - Dreaming 6. Walk the Moon - Different Colors 7. Bleachers - Rollercoaster
Icona Pop came on in a restaurant I was in yesterday and I was totally dancing in my seat haha you can't sit still!
I've only heard of three of these before actually (Chromeo brings me back to high school hahah)
Icona Pop was my entire workout playlist last summer!
I am constantly changing my playlists because I get bored so easily so I'll definitely be incorporating these guys! I love Smallpools!