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I love this song from Marina and the Diamonds, but I think I love this version more because it's done by the lovely Free cosplayers! As if the cosplays being completely spot on wasn't enough, the way the motions of the MV parody fit the original MV nearly perfectly is pretty incredible. Besides the normal music video, they also put out an MV comparison (its on the second slide above!) where you can see how it fits. Freaky, right? This cosplay team is pretty amazing; can't wait to see more awesome-ness like this! I can't help but think, though, that if this was really all the Free characters, things wouldn't go this way at allll.....ha!!!
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This is so fun!!! Wow I mean I've seen a lot of AMVs but I've never seen anything like this, at least nothing nearly as good as this. Great job to the cosplayers!
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@vulpix Are there any other cosplay mvs with this kind of quality? I've never seen something with a storyline that has it. I've only seen the nice compilations of all the best cosplays at a convention and such.
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Hahahahahaha if I could have all of those Free! Boys with me I'd be overjoyed~~
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@amog32 I'm always looking for more! I'll be adding them to this collection if I find them .
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