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Texture French Twist
Remember a while ago, you learned how to do a French Twist Updo? Here is an elegant version of this French with a slight update, more twisting and texturing. My sister used it for her prom last year with a halter dress and the result was stunning. Instruction: 1. Lightly crimp hair around hairline. 2. Section the hair and create a center "mohawk" section. 3. Tease the mohawk section (start from front to back) 4. Smooth and create a "bouffant" look. 5. Keep the bouffant full at top. Begin twisting the mohawk in a downward direction and pin in place at the nape of the neck. 6. Take 1 inch from left section and lightly twist. Grab a thin piece of hair at the end. push and pull to create texture. 7. Pin the end of the twisted section to the opposite side of the center twist with large bobby pins. 8. Repeat on opposite side and continue working from one side to the next, all the way to the bottom. 9. Once you reached the end, tuck the hair into the twist. 10. Finish with holding hair spray.
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