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Okay everyone! grab your stability ball (at home or at the gym) and let's get gorgeous glutes, thighs, and lower abs! These four moves will have your buns burning and the fat melting off of your thighs. When you're ready to take it to the next level - I have attached the full body workout with five more moves to get you your dream body.
@galinda same here! plus mine is in the weight room so its sort of awkward
Ha! I love using my stability ball! It makes working out fun :)
@sophiamor I have been thinking of getting one to replace my chair at the office, just sitting on one helps your abs!
I'm so scared of the stability ball at the gym, no one wipes it off after they use it haha
I have one of these at my office so maybe I'll do this during my lunch break (lol!)
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