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These three delicious waters each contain a ingredient that is proven to speed up your metabolism to aid weight loss. Mint, ginger, and cucumber are fantastic for getting your body breaking down all of those carbs and calories to keep you healthy, hydrated, and happy. Plus, aren't these gorgeous!? 1. Blueberry Mint Lime Water 1 sliced lime 1/3 cup blueberries fresh mint sprigs 2. Cinnamon Ginger Pear Water 1 sliced pear 6 cinnamon sticks fresh grated ginger 3. Strawberry Cucumber Basil Water 1/2 sliced cucumber fresh basil leaves 5 strawberries halved
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is there a certain amount of water you have to add to this or is it just to your liking?
Delicious! Thanks!
very useful thanx
can't wait to try these!
Making this tomorow. Thanks.