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home made deck! landyachts switchblade, superior skateboard, and some home made sliding gloves! butter balls, orangatang cages and bones wheels sector 9 helmet, and Neff beanie! ear buds that came with my HTC one
@Dallanjacobson wait for the 2015 switchblade. It's gonna have the hollow tech core like the charlie horse, its gonna be badass!
I sold @woodonwheels my Landyachtz switchblade (@mikerosa92 I loved it and all but it just wasn't for me man sorry) and I'm buying a Nelson batray now. I found one online for cheap, it has one small chip in it but the guy who's selling it is gonna pay 1/2 the shipping because of it so thats nice.
@steezus Hey no sweat dude. The batray looks like a fun board!
To me it's a great sliding board @Dallanjacobson just @steezus does flat tricks and usually no downhill but I like it especially with my cages I'm using my butter balls to practice more though!
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