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There is nothing more annoying than cluttered, messy and dull laundry room. In our home, we like to keep things organized by color coding. Since we have 5 people living in the home we divide the load in two laundry bags. The girls will through their used clothes in a pink bag and the boys will throw it in the blue bag. It makes thing easier for me! Since I love minimalistic design, I adapted Design Love Fest's laundry bag tutorial. My daughter also uses this for her dorm laundry. It takes a little time and patience to do this but it's worth it! Materials you need: - 2/3 yard of 72” heavy weight cotton canvas - Fabric paint - Foam core cut into two irregular circles of different sizes - Scissors - Masking tape - Foam brush - Ruler - Pins - Sewing machine - Iron Instructions: 1. Cut fabric into four pieces; 36”x23” rectangle, 13” square, and two 4 1/2”x13” strips. 2. On the large rectangle use a piece of masking tape to mark 5” from the top of the long edge 3. Use sponge brush and coat the core circle with fabric paint. Then stamp it on canvas however you want. 4. Once the paint dries, fold in half so that right (stamped) sides are facing, pin, and sew down the long edge. 5. Cut a circle out of the 13” square of canvas. 6. For the handles, fold each of the 4 1/2”x13” strips of canvas in half length wise and pin together. 7. Sew and then flip inside out, creating a tube. 8. Iron tube flat, hem each end (folding once), and set aside. 9. Sew the circle of canvas to the stamped fabric tube by pinning around the edge with right sides facing. Sew together with a 3/8” seam. 10. Flip right side out and fold top edge twice, creating a 2” folded edge at the top of the basket. 11. Attach straps by pinning to the inside of the basket and sewing. Ends of straps should be about 2” apart and they should be sewn slightly under the folded edge so that stitching isn’t visible from the front.
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Too cute! I can't say no to pink polka dots. I guess it's time for me to make a laundry bag, my laundry tote is coming to its end.