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Yoav Friedländer was born and grew up in Jerusalem. He joined the army for 3 years of mandatory training, that is where he began doing photography as a hobby. Yoav's time in Jerusalem shaped the way he sees the world. Photography what such an important outlet for him because it allowed him to see experiences from a different perspective. There is a break in connection when the viewer has not experienced the reality captured in the photography, causing a point of friction with the viewer and the actual experience. Reality augments itself within photography, and Yoav focuses his work on this point of friction. Here is was Yoav has to say about his body of work" "The obvious similarity between photographs (as they are the result of recording the visible light) and reality had been confusing me since I’ve been a child. Photographs promised me a vision of a reality from the past or a visualization of a current reality that is geographically inaccessible to me. In a sense they where like a recipe to remake a world. And with the duration of time that world had been consumed by a future that turned to present. Photography as an entire medium visually mapped reality since it started. Its mapping of the visible was like a broken promise that we’ve made to ourselves by looking up to the medium as a neutral reflection of what visibly exists. Photography altered the way I have experienced reality by providing me with a similar experience approximate to reality that is yet different. What exists is different from how it is mapped in a photograph. Many of our understandings of reality and our relation to objects, people and landscapes are being described by photographs and have never being experienced by us in person. Photography at times diffused itself so well into consciousness that we find ourselves considering what is real to be different from how it should be according to its own image."
Wow this is very interesting. That is for sharing! :)
I love the thought put into each shot, they speak for themselves
Very interesting to see how living in this place near conflict has effected his experience of these events while behind the lens. Neat project and great insight that was displayed very well. Cool!