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We all know it's good etiquette to RSVP to parties, and to let the party host know if you won't be making it after all, but how far is too far to go when you're trying to make a point about this etiquette? Recently in the UK, one little boy said he would be going to a party, and then it turned out that he chose to spend his day with his grandparents instead. Because the invite didn't have any contact info for the parents, his parents couldn't call and let anybody know. A few weeks later, their little boy came home with an invoice stuck in their bag for the cost of the party as a "no-show fee." We know that the parent's should have made it more clear he might not make it (or, make him go! That's what I would have done if I had told the parents face-to-face as these guys had that my child was coming, barring illness). But, is it right to tuck an invoice into the bag of the child instead of seeking out the parents to resolve the issue if a lot of money was indeed wasted because of the no-show? I think not. Note to parents: always include a number of where to reach you, in case someone needs to cancel. We have kids of our own and we know that things just come up sometimes. Don't get angry when you could have helped prevent the situation from occurring. What's your take?
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The fact that this is even a news story shocks me: why report on it? Clearly, both sets of parents need to mature and know how to work with other parents, give the same consideration you would expect, and the like.
@greggr It's true. But when you think about it, parents are rarely any different from any other child or adult in the world, so some of them are bound to be less mature than others.
@amog32 Precisely. Respectable parents need to treat each other better. @danidee I agree that it's horrible, but to charge?
That's totally ridiculous. I agree that yeah both sides could have handled it better but an invoice is far out of proper etiquette. What if it had been an expensive wedding, though? Maybe we'd think differently.
I hate the feeling of being flaked out on, especially when I've planned a party, but this is a little excessive!