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Follow these rules for healthy locks! 1. Stay hydrated Water is a vital source for many things and it necessary to keep your hair and skin healthy. 2. Eat right Your body needs energy to process, so does your hair. A healthy diet will provide the nutrients that can strengthen your hair's health. 3. Exercise Daily exercise improves circulation which can result in faster hair growth and healthier locks. I promise 30 mins of active lifestyle will pay off in the long run. 4. Get enough sleep A lot of leave-in treatment is useless if your internal system is not repair itself. Make sure to have enough rest, so your hair can repair itself during those critical hours. 5. Manage your stress This is related to point #4, but researchers suggest lack of sleep can lead to stress. This is also a common reason for hair loss and thinning. 6. Don't shampoo too often You've heard about it on my other cards, but I'll repeat it again, washing every day can dry out hair and make it brittle. 7. Cut it out A trim every 6-8 weeks can help your hair hold its shape and be easier to style. Plus, you get rid of damaged ends. 8. Avoid harsh chemicals Limit exposure to chlorine in pools, hair relaxers, and alcohol based products. If you need to use hair product, try to stick with minimal ingredients. 9. Use the right products A lot of people use the wrong product for their hair type and end up dandruffs, oily, or dry strands. It is vital to choose cleaning and styling products that suit your hair type! 10. Get a massage Don't underestimate scalp massage. It encourages blood flow and the spread of nutrients. Your also scalp need a mental break. :)
what if u have dandruff but u cant get rid of it since u were young wat should they dothen
@funnella you can use a laundry dryer sheet and run it over your hair before heading out (or putting on your hat). Lotion also helps!
@HairConfetti I thank you for the info on Coconut Oil but I am allergic any other suggestions that will work? Also, my hair stays really dry see my pic. I just cut off 6 inches to try to get rid the straw like ends. Yet I would like my hair to not feel like straw. Any suggestions other than this card as I feel I follow that pretty well already. Thank you!
Thses 10 rules are easy to do, but hard to keep with busy daily life :(
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