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These days, it seems like everyone is talking design and UI. Once they are done with that, people go straight into marketing. Getting as many users/customers as possible is the name of the game. How are you able to really market your service correctly, though, if the most fundamental thing is not answer: why is your product important? There are so many products out there that are going to be doing what you do. There are tons of products that have great designs, great colors, great engineers, and great marketing strategies. So what is it that will make yours stand out? The difference will be your brand value. Here are some things to consider when you are setting your brand’s position: The most important part for the brand is the product and the experience, not the marketing, colors, logos, etc. In order to make sure that we give the right experience, we need to answer the following: 1) Who is your customer? - Do not be vague. Do not think that everyone is your customer. Think clearly about a specific type of person that absolutely needs your product. 2) What is your product? - What does your product do? You can call your product whatever you like, but at its core, what does your product do to enhance the lives of your customers? 3) Why does a customer care? - With all the products out there, why will your product stand out to the customer? Why would they notice if your product was gone? 4) Why is it different and better than what they use today? - What is the problem with the status quo of your target market? What are your competitors doing that are not meeting the needs of your target demographic? 5) Why are you doing this? - What is the ideal of your product? In one simple sentence, what is the pain point that your product is trying to solve? Code Academy’s example answers to this are really simple and convincing: 1) Who is your customer => The non-engineering professional whose product is influenced by technology 2) What is your product => A series of fun, interactive online lessons to learn Javascript. 3) Why does a customer care? => It makes the intimidating world of coding fun, social, and accessible. 4) Why are you different than anything that exists now? => Free, fun, and easier than anything that exists today. 5) What is your ideal => To unleash the possibilities of technology to anyone. When looking at the message from CodeAcademy (granted written by an outsider), it made it seem like their product is simply explained: fun and easy way to learn to code. That is their product. They are not re-inventing code itself, rather they are targeting a demographic that has been intimidated by code. The best part of this is that this was written by an outsider. So an outsider has understood their product that simply and that well. That is what all startups should aim to do.