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Have You Seen This Skeleton?
Social media is getting weirder day by day. First, we see a fox globe-trotting (http://www.vingle.net/posts/650569) and now we have a skeleton that depict the mundane lifestyle of a basic girl. You got to give props to Dana Herlihey, a not-so-average lady/ social media manager who started this satirical project. She "literally" drag this full-sized Skellie every where and earned over 100k followers within a couple of months (starting in October 2014). Are people just following because they're admitting this stereotypical behavior of "basic girl" or is the skeleton really intriguing? Whatever the reason, the marketing tactic of combining dead objects and real-life is really proves to succeed again. If you ever consider starting something viral, maybe you can dress up a manikins and bring it out and about. Photo Credit: Instagram.com/omgliterallydead
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Great! Clearly no implants or they would still be attached since they never die! Well, I have a picture of someone's blow up doll in the back of their truck at a movie theater! Does that count as art? I think I will put it on a card and see what sort of response I get! Good idea about bringing things out!
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@redridergirl haha definitely put it up on a card. I would like to the the reaction.
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