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[LMHT] PRIMETIME LEAGUE ra mắt vào ngày 21/01/2015

Mùa giải 2015 cuối cùng cũng đã đến! Nhưng với hàng chục giải đấu Liên đoàn xảy ra trên 6 lục địa, làm thế nào để bạn có thể theo kịp? Đừng lo lắng - cho tất cả các Pentas của Faker, các thủ thuật outplays của Bjergsen, PrimeTime Leauge đã bảo đảm giúp bạn. PrimeTime League (viết tắt là PTL), là thương hiệu mới cho chương trình hàng tuần của Riot, chiếu vào ngày 21/01 vào lúc 03:00 CET. Dẫn bởi Jatt và Riv, PTL cung cấp các góc nhìn vừa chuyên nghiệp vừa giải trí cho bạn. Đây là LCS Preview Show với một tên gọi mới, một ngày mới, và một thế giới của E-sport LMHT. Ngoài việc nhận được các hightlight mà fan yêu thích như The Penta, Mic Check và The Last Hit, PTL sẽ đào sâu vào tất cả các giải đấu lớn nhất - từ EU và NA LCS, LCK của Hàn Quốc, LPL của Trung Quốc, và nhiều nước khác. Các thông tin tiếp theo sẽ được cập nhật để các fans LMHT có thể theo dõi các trận đấu của các pro players trên toàn thế giới. Nguồn: LOL Esports News (NA)
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Cái này mình thấy rất hữu ích <3
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Saccharine Saltiness
@paulisadroid tagged me in this challenge thing of his. Or he didn't. I honestly don't remember if he did, because my life is so full of dope stuff that I often miss out on the finer details. YOU HEAR ME, MAURA? MY LIFE IS DOPE AND I'M HAPPY YOU'RE NOT HERE TO TAKE THE FUN OUT OF IT LIKE YOU USED TO. Anyway, he brought up his sweetest and his saltiest moments in gaming. The ultimate high and the ultimate FUCK YOU, JELLO, STOP USING THE GOD DAMN GRAV HAMMER YOU SUCK AT THIS GAME. It's hard to pinpoint my sweetest point in gaming. I've had a lot of games I really liked, a lot of matches played that were a bunch of fun. Still though, when I think about it, the one moment that stands out among the others becomes clear. It was a defining moment of triumph in my life. I had a few of my best friends over at my place. We were playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on my PS3 and tossing back some drinks. It was a low-key kind of night, a regular kind of event for us. The thing about my friends and I, though, is that we're super fucking competitive in these kinds of fighting games. Be it Smash or MVC or Skullgirls or what have you, my friends and I get real shitty real quickly with each other. I'm not really a super talented fighting game player. I generally get the hang of things and I'll win games here and there but I don't know every combo and I suck with command entry. Among my best friends, I lose more than I win. So I'd been losing fairly consistently against my boy Reggi in particular. I was getting a little heated if I'm honest. We played eight or nine games at this point and I was definitely the loser. Then came the last match. I'd finally figured out his metagame and the rounds were a lot more even. I took the first round for the first time in a long time. He got back ahead of me in the second, leading us to a tense third. It was back and forth, evenly heated. Then, a shining moment. I dodged his big finisher, giving myself the perfect open look for a retaliatory special move. I slammed it home and took the game. My reaction was pure fuckin' jubilation. I'm talking 'get out of the seat and parade around the apartment' jubilation. I talked endless smack, I got loud, I beat my chest, all that kind of bravado. I declined a rematch. I finished on top after a losing streak. Sure, I still lost on a statistical level, but who cares. I BEAT YOU, HOMIE. What's my saltiest moment in gaming? There isn't a specific moment to point to, really. It's just every time I log into League of Legends. For real, like every time I play a few games of league, at LEAST one of them winds up with me feeling super salty. I guess when you play a team game with strangers, you're ultimately let down sooner or later. Like with that giant douche of a Vlad in that gif up there. Could have saved that poor Lulu and denied the enemy adc that kill. Just not thinking about the game, only about himself. I also suck at League anyway. Even having played for years I suck, so I end up being salty after making a bad move in the first fight and giving up first blood. And then I'm on a salty, salty tilt.