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It's possible to put together sanitizers, which are usually alcohol based, at home with no issues. To this recipe, you can add any other essential oils needed (like tea tree oil) but you'll have to research the particular oil and see how much is needed to be included to be truly effective! Whatever you do, make sure the mixture is AT LEAST 60% alcohol, as sanitizers get rid of microbes by drying out, and any lower percentage won't dry out fast enough to be effective. This is a great recipe for making your hand sanitizers in bulk, and for saving in both money and weight when it comes to ultra-light and light backpacking! Ingredients: - 5 cups 91% Isopropyl Alcohol - 2 cups 100% pure Aloe Gel How to: 1. Start by measuring out your Aloe into a mixing bowl. 2. Add in your alcohol. 3. Mix at high speed. 4. Mix for several minutes, the solution will begin to gel. The aeration of the mixture is extremely important to getting the consistency correct. You should see bubbles all throughout the mixture. 5. The end mixture is thicker than water, but not extremely thick. Once you’ve gotten the mixture to gel and achieve a constant consistency, you can pour it into containers for storage and use. Enjoy! Recipe by utahpreppers.
Why does it feel like sanitizer needs to be so much more thorough or scientific? Lol this is all that's really needed!
I'd definitely try to add tea tree oil or something, this just sounds like it would be really harsh otherwise!
This is such a great idea. This is something my mom and I could make over the weekend. Thank you for sharing @yakwithalan
@treedweller There are probably some stronger chemicals in them that help them stay effective longer but i'm not really sure.
Huh, didn't realize it'd be that simple. Is that all that's in commercially sold sanitizers, too?