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It takes a special kind of person to strap themselves to a thing that's basically an engine with two wheels and go as fast as the laws of physics allow them. This is the Isle of Man and it is one of the most grueling tracks in the world. You will be traveling 16 times the speed that the road was built for. Due to rain, it's going to be wet and slick as hell. The "barriers" on the side of the track will consist of anything from barbed wire fences to stone walls to... well they're all barbed wire fences and stone walls. Next, we're going to have all spectators standing between zero and three meters from the track. Spectators will occasionally consist of goats and sheep, as well as people. All spectators will have complete access to both alcohol and the track. This includes the goats and sheep. It's okay. At 300 KPH, you will hardly notice them... or rather, you won't notice them for long. Well, that's basically it. What could possibly go wrong?
Nothing like it! 馃槣馃憤 Live for this!
that's crazy. so much skill and luck.
@dukes1 @TeamWaffles @TheAdrenaline - crazy but so cool! Gotta love the speed! They're brave!
quite intense and somewhat proof of the evil we have inside us to wanna go fast and seek the crazy adrenaline that makes humans feel alive ha.. I know I love speed and going fast but damn that's hard core. love it ha!! @redridergirl
Excuse me! @dukes1 typo! Sorry!
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