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To make this useful little guy, you have two options. #1: - Get an empty chapstick tube. - Cut off a piece of your normal deodorant. - Give it a quick melt in the microwave. - Pour into the chapstick tube. -Done! #2: Make your own deodorant from scratch: - 1/4 cup aloe vera gel - 1/4 cup mineral water - 1/4 cup Witch Hazel Extract - 1 tsp vegetable glycerin - a few drops of essential oils (antibacterial in nature) (lavender, tee tree oil, etc) This one will be more liquid-y than a typical deodorant, so you'll want to put it in a small, light roll on bottle for the best use! Enjoy!
u r sooooo welcome lol @fallingwater
@KeiraDraa yessss confirmation that I need to do this!!! THanks for telling us :)
I did it it works!! and is totally useful when I'm on the go! haha I sound like I'm on a commercial
@danidee But will I actually read it before using....that is the question
@TrevorGoldley Hahaha or you could just write "PITS" on it in big Sharpie letters.
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