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It's completely possible to make rope and cord you can actually use from leaves! Of course, right? That's how it used to be done, and we should still try to do it! First, figure out what fibrous leaves you have in your area. That might be Yucca, Cattail, or milkweed. You could even use thinks like nettles if you need to, just let them dry first. The dried inner bark of trees will work, too. Strip off long sections of the fibrous cambium layer between the wood and the outer bark. *REMEMBER: take only a few thin strips from any one trunk (don't cut all the way around it … doing so can kill the tree). Then, you'll need to fashion the usable cordage! The first step is always to try whatever you use. Dead grasses or dried bark are what you need to begin. The video from Willow Haven Outdoor on slide two will then walk you through how to actually make the cordage. In order to make a long rope or string, you can simply splice together as many shorter pieces as necessary in the following way: First, twist and kink the bundle so that one end is twice as long as the other. (This will eliminate the chance of producing parallel splices that would seriously weaken the cordage.)
@treedweller I'll waste a lot of time!! Is it really that helpful?
@treedweller I'm in Utah.
@TrevorGoldley Where you at? I might be able to help. @fallingwater Oh come on at least give it a try! What's the worst that could happen?
Cool as this is, I just can't see myself trying it!
I'll have to reserach my area a bit more to figure out what I'd use; I don't think we have any of those plants.