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Ummmm.....what?? I think I just stumbled on the first (well, maybe not first, but the only one I've seen!) funny wilderness-based channel! These guys have been making funny videos, set outdoors, that don't really teach you about the outdoors but they're related to things those of us that love nature can totally related to! Here's two of their vids I liked: - BeWilderness Singles: find someone who loves nature like you (lol). The part about the bangs is especially killer: "I don't care if she's got bangs. Some people might say she's hiding an ugly forehead, but I don't care." - SKAT: Because no one really knows what that crap is
@treedweller Hey, a lot of people don't know how! hahaha
The ability to build a fire is indeed a must, no shit lol.
@happyrock @TrevorGoldley I'm pretty sure we all don't need to resort to THIS to find fun outdoors loving singles! lol!
@happyrock Yeah lol probably not XD
@TrevorGoldley I don't know it might work for me.....probably not lol
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