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Name: Lee Changjae (이창재) DOB: Novmber 29, 1991 Dramas: High School: Love On Music: MR.MR! Instagram: Changjae is amazing at sports and is constantly competing on Dream Team. He loves basketball, snowboarding, and swimming the most. He has been friends with Doyeon (another MR.MR member) since high school! Although this group was not going to have a rapper, Changjae was able to rap in a few of their singles while also showing off his piano skills at various showcases his group as had (check out the video of their first showcase!) He claims to speak the best English of the group and loves to talk to fans on MR.MR's fan cafe! High School: Love On was his first drama but he plans on continuing his acting career along with promoting with MR.MR
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that is one hunk of man. why he gotta melt my heart every time i see him
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Well hello there!!
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I like the one where he's wearing the animal ears. So funny.
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MR.MR is awesome, they need to do more :(
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