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Delivery: A Bike Messenger's Story
Bill's fifty-two years old, has a mountain man beard, and delivers pizza on a fixie in Brooklyn. Over the course of several shifts, this video unveils an intriguing man rushing food to your door while it's still hot and fresh. This isn't the face a thrill seeking kid. Bill has accepted that he has to work to live, but he has also accepted his deep seeded passion for the sport of cycling. His quote at the end sums up everything really well. "The day I can't ride my bike better be the day I die."
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Love his quote at the end. Truly dedicated!
3 years ago·Reply
Seen this before but worth a re-watch. I can't believe he doesn't drop pizza carrying it like that
3 years ago·Reply
@BikeSnob I was thinking the same thing when he started carrying two full pizza holders.
3 years ago·Reply
I heard that this guy passed away recently.
3 years ago·Reply
Ride on, brother!
3 years ago·Reply