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So I havent given any updates for a while on the baxter boards project which bothers me because its the whole point of this collection, so heres whats gone on: We've come up with multiple designs for a deck shape and are still deciding on which is best to go with. There is a CNC router project at our school which is extremely convenient for us however none of us are experienced enough with CAD yet (were taking CAD classes) to put in a design and expect it to work. Anyways while we have been trying to figure that out, our wood came in :D (This isn't all of it). Our other materials (long aluminum bars to use as a spine, rubber strips to use as shock absorber) are on the way. So I suppose you could say we are doing well, but we'll see. Look deep into the baxter boards collection if you want to be caught up.
In case anyone is wondering, the wood is canadian hard maple
We were able to get a bunch of 1/16" veneers, about enough to make 5 boards