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I am in love with my clip in 18 inch extensions from Sally's Beauty Supply in off black. Matches my hair perfectly! Is light and doesn't give me headaches! Check out these hair extensions if you want to give it a try: Bellami Hair (only clip in), Kendra's Boutique (online only. They have hair on wefts only meant for sow in, tape ins, and wigs. Amazing hair, lasts a year or more with proper care!) and Bombay Hair.
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They're clip-in?! I'm in love!
I love that you put them in a high pony tail, it looks great!
I was thinking about getting some extensions to help me grow out my bangs, but I don't think I could do clip-ons for that. Yours look great!
I have longish hair it past my boobs. I were extensions you don't need to have short hair for it. my extensions are 20 inchs and I have thin hair so it makes my hair so much thicker I love it also I have straight ish hair and with out the extensions I have to style my hair with I just clip them in and I'm done my hair looks fine. extensions are so wonderful
I ordered some from zala and they are beyond wonderful