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How To Make Mee Goreng Mamak (印度炒面), Fried Noodles with Indo-Malayan Flair

I love Indonesian food. Based on their history and interactions with the rest of Asia, the cuisine has subtle nods to Chinese, Thai, and Indian dishes, but with their own special (and usually nice and spicy) twist. Mee goreng is perhaps my favorite of the Indo-Malayan dishes. From the picture, it looks like a standard chow mein-esque stir fry, but the flavor involved is absolutely incredible and definitely sets it apart from its 'noodle cousins'. (Especially when you top it with fried onion pieces and just the right amount of sesame oil.) Mee goreng is such a popular dish that you can buy instant packages of it all over Asia. In fact, I have some friends who lived in Western Africa that enjoyed instant mee goreng as a steady staple through the week. (You can buy instant mee goreng at a majority of Asian supermarkets in America, but try this recipe for the real deal and super authentic stuff!) ------------------------------------------------------ Mee Goreng Mamak (Fried Noodles) 500 grams of yellow noodles Handfuls of beansprouts depend on liking 2 small tomatoes, quartered 2 small onions, chopped Handful of chicken breast meat, thinly sliced, or minced beef 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 potato, boiled and cut into cubes 1 small size dry bean curd, cut into small pieces 3 tablespoons of cooking oil (I usually use soybean.) 1 tablespoons of minced green onion and garlic 2 fish cakes, sliced (optional) Handful of shrimp, de-shelled and de-veined, optional 1 green chili or Thai chili or red cut chili, optional 3 tablespoons of ketchup 3 tablespoons of chili sauce or chili paste 1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce 1 teaspoon of garam masala/curry/turmeric powder, optional (but highly recommended!) For garnishing (optional): Some cucumber slices Some fresh coriander leaves or green onion Some lime or Calamansi lime (cut into half) Some deep fried shallots Some grounded peanut + sugar mixture Sesame oil 1. Assemble all the ingredients that need to chopped or sliced. In a big frying pan, sauté the onion and minced garlic until fragrant. Add in turmeric or Garam Masala (if preferred). Add the chicken breast/minced beef, stir fry for 1-2 minutes. Add the dry bean curd, fish cakes and potato cubes. 2. Add in the yellow noodles and stir fry until well mixed. If the yellow noodles is too dry, add about 1/4 cup of water. Add the tomatoes, prawns, tomato ketchup, chili sauce or paste, freshly cut green/red chili (if any). Stir fry until well combined (about 2-3 minutes). 3. Add in the beaten egg, sugar and salt to taste, followed by the beans sprout. Stir fry until the beaten eggs dries up. Off the heat and transfer to the serving plate. Top with sesame oil to taste.
I love the mix of salty with the dash of sweet that comes with so many south-east asian dishes!
@inthekitchen Me too! It's really what made me fall in love with mee goreng. The flavor profile is this strange sweet meets savory meets a whole lot of heat.
@peppermintt You should surprise her with some mee goreng. I bet she'd be really surprised if you made it from scratch, haha.
My neighbor is Malaysian and she would be so happy if I made this! Thank you!
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Instant Fried Noodles Recipe (Indomie)
Who here on Vingle freaking loves Indomie's Fried Noodles? @miranpark88 @shoenami @cheerfulcallie @Tapsamai "No matter how much of a foodie you are now, everyone has lived the instant noodle lifestyle at least once in their life. Whether you were a broke college student, a busy working professional, or a harried soccer mom, at some point instant noodles were (or still are) a primary staple food. It sure was mine when I went to college. Most people never lose that taste for instant noodle soup, I haven’t, but now I like mine dry and fried. The tough choice is which brand to select. Walking down the aisle in any Asian supermarket one can find an amazing variety from all over the world. There are Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, or American (Cup Noodles, etc.). For me, after sampling all the different instant noodles from around the world, I always go back to Indomie, which is originally Indonesian. Don’t get me wrong, I love our own Malaysian Maggie Mee, especially AssamLaksa and Tom Yam flavors, but when it comes to Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles), Indomie is the one. Period… Now how do you make a plate of seemingly uninteresting fried noodles into mouth-watering Deluxe Fried Noodles? Here is what I do." Indomie Recipe Ingredients: 1 pack of Indomie Mi Goreng (Fried Noodles) 3-5 shrimps, shelled, deveined and cut into small pieces 1 egg Method: Fry the egg. Fry the shrimp and save the remaining oil. Boil your noodles and mix with the sauces provided. Served with the fried egg and shrimp. Drip the remaining oil on top of your noodles for the extra zest. [Source http://rasamalaysia.com/instant-fried-noodles-recipe/2/]
These Street Vendors Engage In A Battle Of The Bods.
So a few months ago, I wrote a card about the McDonald's Goddess, a Taiwanese fast food cashier that took the Internet by storm for her good looks and adorable sing-songy voice. Today, it was brought to my attention that there's options out there for the ladies too - in the form of hunky street vendors. Ladies, meet the guys serving up your streetside groceries with a little extra eye candy. (Warning: There's no way to write this without sounding like an issue of TeenBeat magazine. Gentlemen, please divert your eyes.) So the trend hit the Internet all thanks to Chen Yi-Tin, a Taiwanese part-time model turned street vendor that had his picture shared by women in Taipei after spotting him selling bean curd in a local market. Since blowing up the Chinese blogging site Weibo last summer, Yi-Tin's career's been on serious lock, grabbing him plenty of Instagram followers and campaigns modeling anything from fitness clothes to underwear. (GET ITTTT.) Not to be outdone, Malaysia soon called everyone's attention to their own male-model-slash-vendor Jordan Yeoh, who saw what Yi-Tin was going in Taiwan and thought, "Hey, why not go help my aunt and uncle with their durian stand?" And then, boom. Overnight Internet celebrity and fitness guru. Asia's social media game doesn't mess around. If you don't know what it is, durian is a fruit that smells a whole lot like used diapers. So I guess if your durian shake can still bring the ladies to the yard even though you smell kind of like where Chiquita Banana would go to die, you must be really, really, ridiculously good-looking. The vendor dude 'arms race' (pun intended) continued with Wang Xiang Hong, another Taipei native who's been pulling in droves of female consumers. As a busy college student, Xiang Hong never modeled professionally and was simply helping out a friend whose fruit stand was understaffed for a few months. However, Xiang Hong did get to enjoy a brief modeling career before enlisting in the military shortly after. Lastly, there's a Taiwanese cake shop employee simply known as "Cake Boy". (It sounds better in Taiwanese, I'm sure. Trust.) He first caught local attention after picking up part-time work at a streetside cake shop while attending college for sports, his specialty being volleyball. He began to go viral on Weibo after women visiting the shop noted his good looks pose something of a striking resemblance to various Korean pop stars popular in the region. (I know we've got some K-Pop fans here on Vingle. Do you ladies agree?) So what do you guys think of the hunky street vendor trend? Is it shameful vanity or smart business?
Travel Bucket List
Hey everyone! Ever sense I could remember I have always wanted to travel, it is my dream to see the world and experience everything earth has to offer. This is why I need your help: Help me construct a bucket list by answering this question: What is your most favorite place to go? (vacation or for other reasons) Everyone can give as many places as you want but make sure that it is specific. So if you chose China; What part? Any specific things or places there that make it your favorite? Thank you so much to any who participate, it means a lot to me and I hope one day I can cross off every one of your places off the list. :) If you don't want to be tagged anymore just message me :) Also take a look at @danidee on Vingle! @JPBenedetto @ButterflyBlu @deilig @buddyesd @araiannagorniak1 @NSSagasshi @Taijiotter @VixenViVi @InPlainSight @candyland1986 @MinionPeach17 @PurpleChick @jokes @RaquelArredondo @Marichel @mistymaity @Karthikkrazzy1 @RajeshSamel @GalaxyTacoCat @VeronicaArtino @DeniseiaGardner @B2STANG88 @purplem00n23 @Arellano1052 @shantalcamara @TerrecaRiley @FabiolaGavina @adorkabledolly @CassidyCathell @kpoplover1995 @kisnow @sugajin94 @ElizabethT @ParkMeiFan @netchiBates @fallendendenjr @BluBear07 @EmilyMurphey @loftonc16 @JessicaChaney @WiviDemol @HardikPatel @SreeniNair @missvicky69 @biancaP @tyragallegos10 @EllieDean @esmeraldagutirr @Amye1 @DaniVO @MattK95 @Matokokepa @Narissatayy @CandaceJordan @missophiestik @Animaniafreak @GingerMJones @MauSenpai @crazyflames12 @FallenDeath @ZoeMe @EricaRFonseca @AkiraCondry @nikkinjg @doraga @JonPatrickHyde @biancadanica98 @malibella @Safaa12 @DenieceSuit @SarahVanDorn @misskurmet82 @chris98vamg @wjdeogks76 @RobertMarsh @nenegrint14 @Rhia @smnthcarter773 @NoSixJersy @MimiZu17 @jcl4rks0n @vanemunos @MissB82 @VIPforever123 @YessicaCardenas @jiggzy19 @TheGreenEyedPup @vuihi @UrShawol @amobigbang @ChristopherSuta @esha @wllmvns @NishatH @CleoHoney @AimeeH @notgucci3 @JezziCrypt @KellyOConnor @LeilaB @hopeismyanchor @AluSparklez @KiKi29 @VarunNambiar @EdenSisco @EugeneAngleber @LAVONYORK @KendaylBasden @KpopGaby @amandamuska @NerukaWong @BiblioLady
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So I just learned about something cool today called Kobushi Shindan. Have any of you heard about it? Kobushi Shindan (literally, 'fist analysis' in Japanese) is an ancient samurai personality test. All you need to do to take it is make a fist! So make a fist, any fist, and find out what your personal fist form says about you! Fist #1: Your thumb rests on your index finger. People with this fist shape tend to be natural leaders. You like helping others and, likewise, appreciate being leaned on for support. However, despite a strong exterior, you have the tendency to be a bit insecure. In relationships, you are extremely devoted and expect that same kind of loyalty in return. You put others before yourself, and since you're not necessarily good at words, you put that love into compassionate action. Fist #2: Your thumb rests in the middle of your fist. You're a free-spirit with a wide range of talents and plenty of friends. However, you tend to be afraid to try new things because you fear failure. And despite the fact you have a wide group of friends, the amount of friends you consider close is considerably smaller. In love, that fear of failure makes it hard for you to begin romantic relationships, but because of your kind and sociable nature, you're a pretty attractable potential mate! Fist #3: You tuck your thumb underneath fingers. You're much more introverted than the other two personality types. You're a sensitive and private person, and while you don't have a huge social network, the few friends you do have are extremely close and loyal to you. You hate conflict and tend to internalize your feelings, but your compromising nature makes you very attentive in your romantic relationships, which tends to make them pretty long-term. So which fist did you guys get? Do you think Kobushi Shindan has got you all figured out, or are there some things you disagree with?
Pikachu Buns
I was in a baking mood and decided to try to make these! They came out good for my first time 😁😁 I'll post my recipes below if you'd like to try and make them. If you'd like the recipe, message me 😘 My bun recipe: -200g milk (Lukewarm) -5g active dry yeast -30g sugar --240g bread flour -60g all purpose flour -30g butter (room temp) -Egg wash Step 1: put lukewarm milk, sugar and yeast in a bowl. Whisk and set aside for 5min Step 2: in a separate bowl, combine bread flour and all purpose flour. Then add milk mixture. Add a pinch of salt and knead dough Step 3: after dough can take ball form, knead in the room temp butter. Knead until butter is fully incorporated. After incorporated, put in a lightly greased bowl cover with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm place for 30-40 min. Step 4: after 30-40 mins, take dough out. It should have doubled in size. Put flour on your finger and poke the middle of the dough. If it first bounce back, declare the air from dough and cut in 8 equal pieces. Form in to balls and set aside on a baking sheet for 10-15 mins. Make sure to cover with a lightly dampened cloth. Step 5: cut two areas on the doughball across from each other in a diagonal direction. Egg was the parts you cut in to. Sprinkle with sugar cover them again with a lightly dampened cloth and let them rest for 30 mins - an hour. They will double in size again Step 6: bake in an oven preheated to 400° for 10-12 mins and you're done! Chocolate pudding filling: -2 egg yolks -2 1/2 tbsp sugar -1 tbsp all purpose flour -1 1/2 tbsp corn starch -1 tbsp coco powder -200ml milk (hot) -2 tbsp butter -30g chocolate. I used four squares of semi sweet chocolate Step 1: whisk egg yolks and sugar together. In separate bowl, combine flour, corn starch and coco powder. Add mixture to yolk mixture and whisk together. Step 2: slowly add hot milk to the chocolate yolk mixture. When fully combined. Put yolk mixture through a strainer into a pot. Out put on burner and set to medium heat. Continuously whisk until mixture thickens to pudding consistency. Step 3: take off heat immediately and add butter and chocolate. Continue mixing until chocolate and butter mix in. Step 4: place plastic wrap directly on pudding and put in fridge to cool. After it cools, mix it again and add to piping bag.
How to Make Katsu Curry (カツカレー), Japan's Cutlet & Curry Dish (Vegan Option)
Every so often, this is one of those plates I get a serious craving for. I always think that katsu cutlets tend to be a little too dry and that simple curry rice plates are a little bit boring, so when I'm able to order them together, I get really excited. They really balance each other out! Traditionally, katsu curry is made with chicken, beef, or pork, but you can customize this however you would want. For example, I have seen people sub the meat out for thick breaded cuts of eggplant or Portobello mushroom for an equally satisfying vegetarian dish. Katsu Curry (Makes 4 servings) INGREDIENTS: To Make the Katsu (Meat Version) - 4 pork loin chops, chicken breast, or thin steaks (about 1" thick, no bones) Salt & pepper, to taste 1/2 cup flour 1 - 2 eggs 1 cup panko or bread crumbs Oil for deep frying To Make the Katsu (Vegan/Vegetarian Version) - 4 1" thick slices of eggplant, 4 portobello caps, or 4 store-bought seitan-based cutlets (I would recommend trying Gardein's Chick'n Scallopini - thawed - for this dish.) Salt & pepper, to taste 1/2 cup flour 1 - 2 egg replacements (Ener-G Egg Replacer woould be good for this recipe.) 1 cup panko or bread crumbs Oil for frying To Make the Curry - 2 yellow onions 2 carrots 3 potatoes 1 tablespoons oil 3 1/2 cups water 1 box curry sauce mix (approximately 4 ounces) 4 cups of cooked white rice DIRECTIONS: 1) To make the katsu, make small cuts all over your cutlet of choice with tip of knife. Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides. Coat it with flour, dip in eggs (or egg replacement), then cover with bread crumbs. 2) Heat deep frying oil to 350 F, and deep fry crumb-covered cutlet. (You can check the temperature by dropping a bread crumb. If it comes up to the oil surface right after it's dropped, it's good.) 3) Fry until color turns golden brown and cutlet floats in the oil, about 5-8 minutes, turning once or twice. Set the meat on a cooling rack for a minute. Cut into 5-6 pieces. 4) To make the curry, cut vegetables into bite size pieces. Heat oil and fry onions for 8 minutes. Add carrots and potatoes. Add water to the pot. After it boils, remove from heat and add curry sauce mix. Stir well so the pieces of the mix dissolve. Let it simmer for 10 - 15 minutes (cook longer if you'd like it thicker). If you'd like to add the optional curry powder, stir it in just before serving. 5) Put about a cup of rice on each plate, then place a katsu over the rice. Finally, generously pour curry over it. Serve while still warm.
오감만족 2019 여름 빙수 라인업 총정리
Editor Comment 뜨거운 뙤약볕이 내리쬐며 더워진 날씨, 어느덧 한 여름이 가까워지는 신호가 울렸다. 이른 더위 덕분인지 예년에 비해 빙수의 계절도 훌쩍 당겨진 모습이다. 순백의 얼음을 곱게 갈아 그 위에 가지각색 토핑을 듬뿍 얹은 시원한 빙수 한 그릇. 단언컨대, 여름철 별미는 누가 뭐래도 ‘빙수’가 최고다. <아이즈매거진>이 당신의 오감을 만족시킬 2019 여름 빙수 라인업을 총정리해봤다. 길거리에 흔히 볼 수 있는 프랜차이즈 빙수부터 럭셔리하게 즐기는 호텔 빙수 그리고 개성만점 SNS 인기 빙수까지. 후덥지근한 날, 가슴이 펑 뚫리는 빙수의 세계로 안내한다. 프랜차이즈 올해 프랜차이즈 빙수는 저마다 브랜드의 기술력을 얹은 독특한 모양과 이름으로 마케팅에 나섰다. 빙수의 명가 설빙은 시즌 한정 메뉴로 달콤하면서도 바삭한 식감의 쿠키초코링설빙을, 파스쿠찌는 ‘크림 덮인 빙산’을 주제로 빙수 속 숨겨진 젤라또를 찾아 먹는 재미를 더했으며, 맘스터치는 주머니가 가벼운 학생들을 위해 큐브치즈, 딸기크림 컵빙수를 전격 출시했다. 이어 탐앤탐스는 부드러운 식감의 얼음이 입안에서 눈처럼 사르르 녹는다는 점에서 착안한 썸머 스노우 빙수를, 할리스커피는 야심 차게 준비한 신메뉴로 ‘망고가득치즈케익빙수’와 ‘쿠키앤크림빙수’를 선보였다. 설빙 쿠키초코링설빙 10,900원 순수생딸기케이크설빙 15,500원 쿠키앤크구슬설빙 11.900원 벚꽃피치설빙 12,500원 딸기마카롱설빙 13,500원 파스쿠찌 망고딸기동산빙수 13,000원 요거딸기빙산빙수 14,000원 인절미팥동산빙수 11,000원 피치얼그레이빙산빙수 14,000원 흑당이달고나빙산빙수 14,000원 맘스터치 큐브치즈빙수 3,900원 큐브치즈빙수 컵빙 2,900원 딸기크림빙수 3,800원 딸키크림빙수 컵빙 2,800원 탐앤탐스 밀크스노우 12,000원 망고스노우 13,000원 베리스노우 12,000원 할리스커피 우리눈꽃팥빙수 10800원 딸기치즈케익빙수 11,800원 쿠키앤크림빙수 11,800원 망고가득치즈케익빙수 12,800원 호텔 매년 비싼 가격 때문에 논란의 중심에 서고 있는 호텔 빙수. 하지만, 우려와 달리 몇몇 인기 호텔은 작은 사치를 즐기려는 이들로 인산인해를 이루고 있다. 통장 잔액이 여유가 있다면, 한 번쯤은 조금 더 특별하고 프라이빗하게 즐길 수 있는 호텔 빙수를 초이스 해보는 것도 나쁘지 않겠다. 가격은 3만 원대에서 5만 원대를 형성하고 있으며, 그중 망고 빙수가 소비자들에게 제일 큰 반응을 얻고 있다. 이색적이고 색다른 빙수를 찾고 있다면, 반얀트리 클럽 앤 스파 서울의 토마토 빙수, 파크 하얏트 서울의 크렘 브륄레 빙수, 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 파르나스의 레트로 쑥빙수를 추천한다. 그랜드 워커힐 서울 더파빌리온 서울 광진구 워커힐로 177 OPEN 07:30 / CLOSE 22:00 연중무휴 애플망고빙수 57,000원 밀크빙수 35,000원 콩가루빙수 40,000원 어린이 빙수 40,000원 그랜드 인터컨티넨탈 서울 파르나스 서울 강남구 테헤란로 521 OPEN 08:00 / CLOSE 13:00 레트로 쑥빙수 38,000원 클라우드 망고빙수 48,000원 반얀트리 클럽 앤 스파 서울 그라넘 다이닝 라운지 서울 중구 장충단로 60 OPEN 06:30 / CLOSE 22:00 (비운영시간 10:30 ~ 12:00) 토마토 빙수 33,000원 체리 빙수 33,000원 팥빙수 30,000원 쉐라톤 서울 디큐브시티 호텔 라운지바 서울 구로구 경인로 662 디큐브시티 OPEN 06:00 / CLOSE 13:00 망고빙수 34,000원 파크 하얏트 서울 더라운지 서울 강남구 테헤란로 606 OPEN 09:00 / CLOSE 24:00 연중무휴 크렘 브륄레 빙수 38,000원 SNS 인기 빙수 SNS 인증샷으로 화제가 된 개인 빙수 가게도 빼놓을 수 없다. 먹기 아까운 비주얼과 가성비가 차별화된 메리트이지 않을까 싶다. 수박을 동그란 구슬 모양으로 만들어 얼린 카페 헤이쥬, 말차 가루를 소복이 얹은 메르시네코, 빙수 마니아라면 한 번쯤은 방문했을 부빙, 30CM 높이의 파인애플 빙수로 유명한 반전형제, 제주도에 위치한 레몬칸타타의 칼로 썰어 먹는 실타래 빙수를 꼽아봤다. 카페 헤이쥬 충남 천안시 서북구 불당15길 15 OPEN 12:00 / CLOSE 21:00 (월요일 휴무, 일요일 18:00까지) 수박빙수 15,000원 메르시네코 서울 마포구 토정로 39 OPEN 13:00 / CLOSE 22:00 (매주 월,화 휴무) 눈내린 말차산 케이크 7,500원 부빙 서울 종로구 창의문로 136 OPEN 13:00 / CLOSE 20:00 (금,토,일 22:00) 단호박빙수 1인 8,000원 / 2인 14,000원 반전형제 서울 용산구 회나무로 28 OPEN 12:00 / CLOSE 22:00 (연중무휴) 파인애플 빙수 15,000원 레몬칸타타 제주 제주시 구남동4길 47 OPEN 11:00 / CLOSE 22:00 (월요일 휴무) 실타래빙수 12,000원 Source:@heyju_cafe/@ko_diva11/@securityletter/@detectivemeli/@jejureigh 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서