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so I had to shoot some potential images for a magazine for college work, I chose to do it based on body modifications and these are some of my favourite shots from the session. ps the tattoo session is fake and all piercings were done by a trained peircer.
Do you have a lot of body mods? My sister has her tragus and septum pierced.
@danidee I reached 45 in piercings and 2 in tattoos, I also have tragus and septum, love em :)
Wow! Cool! My sister loves her septum piercing too because she's a tax accountant and occasionally needs to flip her piercing up for work. I can't wait until the day that won't be as big of a deal.
@danidee oh yeah that comes in so much handy for jobs haha! luckily my jobs atm accept my piercings and stuff, everywhere should tbh.