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bustin l3 mystery box arrival

pic 1 mekanik deck with 8 rows of wheel wells that i need help installing trucks on so halp pls pic 2 maestro mini thats for sale looks to small for me pics 3&4 the wheel hole cutouts i need help installing i also recieved grey beanie skate tool 2 packs of hardware stickers backpack a decal for windows swifts wheels
post more pics of the mekanik
freeride dh i already set it up with some 70mm liam morgans and some zealous bearings and it rides great on the mekanik
im not sure i have 70mm liam morgans and i installed it with my paris truck ans i put it on the first hole it fit
Like do you not know what wheel base you want?
issac i just needed help figuring out which holes to attach my trucks onto as Ghostoftheswift suggested i will post more pics
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