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Double Heel Lift Pliés: Extend arms out into ballet second position (round elbows making half circle shapes with each arm) and move feet to hip distance apart, in ballet second position (toes turned out and thighs rotated into a turned out position). Lift heels off the floor and hold balance. Bend knees while keeping your arms still and heels lifted into a mini plié position before straightening up. Repeat 20 times. Then, lower down and hold the bent-knees position and pulse up and down slightly. Repeat 20 times, then repeat the whole sequence three times. Passe Tilts: Start by standing on your right left with left leg turned out, with toes pointed. Bring right toes to left knee and bend knee into a passe position (right leg will form a triangle shape), with left arm rounded over your head and right arm rounded to the side. Extend right leg straight to the side of the body, keeping toes pointed. At the same time, reverse arms so the right arm is on top and left arm is to side. Move back to passe starting position. Repeat 15 times on each leg, then repeat set three times. Standing Attitude Taps: Stand on your left leg with a slightly bent left knee. Lift your right leg in front with the knee turned out and bent at an approximately 90-degree angle. Hold your arms out to the side in second position, then lower the right attitude leg and tap the toe to floor before lifting back up. Tap the ground ten times, then hold the leg in the air for ten seconds, then pulse for ten counts. Repeat on the other leg, and then repeat on both sides with the leg to the back. Plié Planks: Place your feet against a wall in a slightly turned out position, with toes apart and heels touching. Walk hands out into a plank position. Pull your hips back towards the wall and bend your knees to floor into a plié plank position. Push off the wall to extend back to plank position. For an extra challenge, add a push-up in plank position after each plié. Repeat fifteen times, then rest. Repeat set three times. Attitude Ab Crunches: Start by lying on the floor with your hands behind your head. Bend your right leg into attitude position (leg raised with knee bent at approximately a 90-degree angle). Move your left leg into an attitude underneath with toe touching the floor. Curl your head and upper back into an ab crunch as you bring your left heel upward. Cross your heels, making a diamond shape with your legs, then release your upper body and leg back to your starting position. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side, then repeat the set twice.
Yeah @christy I think all of these look doable!
Such a great routine to strengthen your entire body. Thanks for sharing!
Oh I really like the pile planks!
Looks not hard
Ballerina's look so tiny but they are so STRONG!
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