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5-Minute "Crop-Top" Abs Workout
My favorite kind of ab workout: a crunch-less one! Whether you're looking for flat abs or prepping for summer already, this five-minute workout helps tighten your middle while sculpting definition. These moves are all done standing so lace up your shoes and let's get going!
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Yes good idea @Christy! Any body parts we have forgotten to add in to cover our entire body? Feeling good still so far! Oh and for you lucky West Coasters you are lucky to have warm weather year round! In VA we have all 4 seasons and it is cold now and we take the time to pump up for Spring and Summer! In the winter sadly it is a little bit of a slack off time! That's why we're starting now to get in extra great shape for our g string bikini's! Send us some warm sunny weather from CA till Spring arrives please! @kristenadams @nisfit @caricakes @peppermint Oh and Peppermintt I don't have a lot of space either in my little Townhouse but I move the furniture around as best I can or use the bed as a platform for like some leg and back exercises! Good luck!
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I would never wear a crop top (husband disapproves) but it doesn't hurt to get abs. :)
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Great workout!!!! I am sooo ready:)
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Will this get rid of "muffin top"?
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