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Valentine Theme Design: Umbrellas
Once upon a time I stumbled upon a picture that left me in awe! That moment was like, two minutes ago! Dramatics aside, look at the elegance of these umbrellas, each with its own design, suspended from a draped ceiling treatment for a reception tent. Stunned yet? It works because: 1. The use of umbrellas indoors is completely unexpected. 2. The umbrellas are not the same. Each is different in color and pattern. 3. Notice how the romance of the Valentine theme is not based on the color red. 4. Mixing colors and patterns gives a texture that begs even the laziest eyes to gawk and wonder. This vision of using umbrellas with deep inverted scallops and ruffles commands attention. If I was going to a Valentine wedding or special event, then I would love to see this sort of romantic styling. It's got just enough elegance without being tchotchke or on-the-nose. Tell me you absolutely adore this design! What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts.
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