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The Nationals, already with one of the top rotations in Baseball, have just probably become the most insane rotation in Baseball with the addition of ace Max Scherzer. The deal is for 210 Million, although the contract was written in a way so that Scherzer gets paid 210 million over 14 years. The true value of the deal then becomes around 180 million. That is a lot! The first thing that popped into my head, though, was does this really make the Nationals better? I mean they already had a strong rotation, so adding another strong pitcher (unless its Pedro Martinez in his prime) won't make a significant difference. This is also a question that was brought up by ESPN's Buster Olney. Then he made a really good point. The Nats could simply turn around and trade from their plethora of aces. If the Nats were to trade Jordan Zimmerman, what could they possibly get? They could get a lot. If they traded Strasburg? How about Gonzales or Fister? They could and would get A LOT. They say that there could never be too much of a good thing. The Dodgers proved that wrong with their OF conundrum the past few years. Pitchers, though, is a completely different ballgame. 1) They are much more fragile so having extra quality arms is always a necessity. 2) They are much more valuable so trading away one could always get you a huge return. The Nats have just become the top contender in the NL. Forget the East. They are my pick to win the NL pennant.