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Going for your first job interview? Keep your hair off your face and with this sleek low bun while looking professional. Preparation: You can start with your natural texture or smooth out your strand by brushing your hair with hairspray. Tip: Use a boar-bristle hairbrush and spritz hairspray onto the brush to get that natural shine. Styling: 1. Tie hair back into a low pony tail. Smooth some styling cream down the length of your ponytail for extra silky strands. 2. Split the pony in half. 3. Tie each side with a small rubber band and insert a bobby pin vertically. 4. Start rolling one end away from your face and up towards the back of your head. Secure it with bobby pin. 5. Repeat with the other side. 6. Gently finish by securing with bobby pins. (his section should fit nicely in with the first one—you’ll be able to feel a spot for it to slip into.) Photo: Justin Coit
Another great style for working professionals!
Whoa she DOES have really long hair! This is such a chic look!
I always have trouble getting all of my hair into a bun so I'm glad to see someone with longer hair than mine was able to do it!
I love this look on the model, but I usually like wearing my hair loose. I don't think I can every pull off a sleek bun.