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Sweet tables that appear to have a DIY flavor to them seem to be trending a lot on social media. Everywhere I look there are sweet tables of all kinds that share a common thread. It appears that brides are looking for more bespoke styling over the pristine professional quality of a 5-Diamond hotel. Don't misunderstand; that's not a back-handed compliment either. If anything I am relieved, in a sense, that brides are paying homage to yesteryear through the hand-made quality of presenting their wedding dreams. I find these Valentine's Day themed sweet tables excellent examples of keeping the essence of love front and center through the use of color, styling and composition: * Ornate monochrome frames * Vintage cake pedestals * Use of handicrafts * Mix of pinks, whites, and red * Milkglass vessels * Hand-dyed muslin Although not pictured, I'd love to see this level of romance on a table include some glitz and glam. Nothing over the top. But some flecks of matte gold would give an extra textural element that reflects light and sparkle.