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February is in a few days but I'm already in Spring mood! Linen blouse and pastel pants are making its way to my closet. In addition, I've playing around with different the boho-chic hairstyles. This spring hairstyle is one of my favorite for outdoor concerts, but it's also a great vacation hair-do. If you already have curly/texture hair you can jump right in to braiding. Split your hair in two section. You'll need to make two french braid (one on each side). Combine the two braids by criss-crossing and secure it with bobby pins. If you want you can make one or two smaller three-strand brands and decorate it with color clips.
@danidee lucky, you my hair is straight and flat. If I curl my hair it would fall straight again by miday
My hair is naturally this texture, so it's nice to see how I can make it look more stylish and organized over being one big mess.
@alise Meanwhile it's IMPOSSIBLE for my hair to be straight without an hour or so of work. :(((
Hey! She's adorable and I am jealous of her long hair. Never shoulda cut my hair :(
I like the messy curl!