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I'm not a one and done type of gal lmao....sooooo moving on with part 1 of 2 xD Desire: 1. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen....orr strongly wish for or want something Synonyms: wish, want, aspiration, fancy, inclination, impulse; yearning, longing, craving, hankering, hunger; eagerness, enthusiasm, determination; itch, jones 2. strong sexual feeling or appetite. synonyms: lust, sexual attraction, passion, sensuality It was important to me to properly define desire before doing this playlist. Part 1 is the later definition....lust, sexual attraction and such. I had a hard time narrowing my list down and I went over by 1 anyway /.\ lol and if you've checked out my playlist before you know they're hardly ever strictly kpop....love that Korean hiphop. 1. Crush ft Swings__Crush On You I love Crush and this song just has a nice chill vibe. I can't help but sing along. Totally has you swaying to the beat once the chorus kicks in. 2. AOORA__Body Party This song...lol pretty obvious what its about once you hear the first few seconds. I just love the beat ...its actually pretty catchy. And I'm a weirdo but I actually like the MV. 3. Loco ft Jay Park__ Thinking About You I've used this song in other playlists which is no no butttttt in my defense its really fitting and I'm pretty much obsessed with Loco.....in a healthy way of course. This song is soooooo gooooood. 4. Bumkey ft San E__Attraction Just a smooth lil r&b jam about wanting your bae....<3 5. Vixx__ Only U Ahhhhh this song<3 So good. Its about not being able to forget or stop wanting your ex no matter how hard you try. 6. Taemin__ Ace Omgawwwwdddd.....this boy. These lyrics: You say I look like I don’t know women? That I look like a little prince who doesn’t know love? I just laugh, oh yeah If you believe in that, you’re a fool Lol ohhhh these maknaes....noona slayers I'm telling ya. Taemin mentioned this was his favorite song off his mini album.....tsk tsk lol. 7. Taeyang__Take It Slow Of course my desire playlist could not go without an appearance from YB<3 Fast....Slow....Moderate....IDC I'll take it bwahahaha.... 8. Jay Park__ 올라타 (Ride Me) Oookay children....we've passed the point of suggestion and Mr. Park is just gonna be literal. Desire at its finest lol. I really can't help it....I love this song. 9. Loco ft Gray__ If I Ohhh let's draw it back and take a step back after that last song.... lol Okay I've looked for English translations for this song and was unable to find one but....from what I gather he wants a girl who's with someone who treats her bad? or was in a bad relationship before? and he's telling her how much better he'd treat her if she'd only let him in...no pun intended. I might be way off but anywho I love this song regardless of not having an exact translation. 10. LU:KUS__ So Into You This group debuted with this song last year and idk exactly what it is about it that got me but I friggin love this song xD its a definite jam. 11. Super Junior__ Sorry Sorry I'm sorry but I want your sexy lol. This song is like a confession that would come outta my mouth no joke. Which is why I'm sexy, free, and single....ready to bingo! Hope y'all enjoyed :) @MattK95 @nenegrint
You put Loco, Crush, and VIXX in the same playlist...I think I just met my soul mate.
Wooo Loco party! @PassTheSuga @jiggzy19 @callmekaren :):)
I love that Loco and Jay Park song! This really helped me think of some more songs for my list!! Thank you @PassTheSuga :)
you're welcome @sherrysahar lol I HAD to include Ride me ;) Jay Park was a given...he had to be in the Desire playlist....that gorgeous piece of man candy. And you're right....Vixx was looking hella dapper in that MV. I'm glad you enjoyed :)
@PassTheSuga hell yeah you included ride me from Jaypark :D i Like your list I could n't help but love the fall fashion style of Vixx Boys In U Mv and taemin Ace, Jaypark I am gonna have your list showed me a new side of Kpop Thanks for sharing it.
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