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So there's been updates guys! Concert is set for March, although the location has yet to be confirmed or announced. Tickets will be on sale on @9 P.M. CST January 29. 10 Days~! I'm so excited and can't wait. Let the count down begin, so who's planning on going to the event? I'll be keeping you guys updated :) @bookjunkie @KpopJunkiesTV
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I'm a fan but not a die hard fan either the eric nam concert I like his music but I'm not going to that concert sadly :( I can save some money also @SakuraBlossom96
@KpopJunkiesTV Yeah I understand ugh sometimes I wish they'd create something so they could have volunteers kind of like at Akon
@SakuraBlossom96 yea that would very cool
I'm still so excited for you! You have to tell us all about it once March comes along.
We shall see~ I'm trying to get a bunch of girls together so we can go. But I have to wait and see krowdpop's ticket prices. Anyway I hope I can go too because I wanted to go to the 2PM Concert but that didn't happen @danidee