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01. Forrest Gump (feat. Mayson The Soul) 02. Good Times (feat. Babylon) 03. Reality Bites (feat. Huckleberry P) 04. 감기 05. 발자국 01. The album starts off slow with a smooth track that pulls you in with a great use of piano and then some great rhymes that aren't in your face but at the same time sounds like 'don't turn this album off.' 02. Perfect mix of easy beats while still showing off how fast PA can rap. Listing drinks was a little meh but the rest of the song makes up for it. Definitely a good pick for a single. 03. After 'Good Times' helped the album pick up the pace, this track brings in the awesome beats. If your head isn't nodding to this within 30 seconds I don't know what to tell you. It's infectious and has awesome attitude. 04. I love how they played with this beat and how the rap is more like a ramble. I'm not the biggest fan of the chorus but I can already feel it growing on me. The verses are what really drew me in though. 05. This feels like part 2 to the first track, Forrest Gump. The piano and smoothness of this track closes a great record in an easy way.
#1 is going to be playing in my car a lot when I'm driving to school this semester. I can already tell.
I only knew of the single! I didn't know they released a whole album, thanks for sharing!!