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01. Take It Slow 02. Favorite Girl (feat. Unusual) 03. Hug Me Just One Time 04. 니가 생각나는 밤에 (I Miss You) 05. T.I.S (Take It Slow) 01. Oh noooo this sounds like really cheesy 2005 K-pop (am I just listening to a bad quality or is this echoey sound what he was going for?) 02. Pretty solid background music, but it sounds like an attempt at a Taeyang song and not quite reaching it. Nothing about it really brings me in. 03. Again, I am just getting maaajor Taeyang vibes from this. This is really nothing special and the track just sounds crowded (not a big fan of this production) 04. Sorry guys, but this is the third song that I haven't been able to finish...Not digging this album at all 05. And this is just a reprise of the first track. Sorry everyone but this is an album that I advise you to not waste your time on. Too bad cause his voice has a lot of potential :/
Krrsybear. Weirdest stage name ever, hahaha.
I can feel the Taeyang vibes but I didn't think it was that bad lol not my favorite but some songs are nice :)
Take it slow that song is amazing