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There is something so warm, friendly, and nurturing about homemade delights served at a wedding. Things like blueberry pie, snickerdoodles, saffron wedge cookies...the list goes on. I'm immediately transported to my late grandmother's kitchen in Hoosick Falls, NY where she'd always have homemade chocolate chip, peanut butter, and molasses cookies waiting for me when I'd visit. Then I think of my summer vacations on Whidbey Island where you could feast on pies made from the freshest berries of the season. So when I consider a Valentine's Day, I like to think about the countless couples choosing this day to walk down the aisle. This is a couple madly in love with each other and just as eager to share it with the world on a day that couldn't possibly celebrate love more. In fact one of the most non-traditional wedding events I went to was a 'dessert reception.' Not a cake in sight. Instead, the bride and her family baked their ovens off, providing sweets and treats. Everything from pies and brownies, to cookies and cupcakes. If you're looking to bring some homemade goodness under Cupid's arrow, consider either replacing your wedding cake or expanding it to include things like pie pops, cake pops, pies, brownies, sweet crackers, etc. What do you think? The sweetness of Valentine's Day will always remind me of my youth and grandma's unconditional love. Incorporating a loved one's baking repertoire to Valentine's Day is a great way to weave your own tapestry of love.
Dessert reception would be nice with a glass of wine and champagne!
@inthekitchen Right?! pie pops are super fun and such a memorable dessert at a wedding. I've been to just sooo many weddings and they all begin to blend in. I give huge kudos to brides that go on a limb and do something remarkable.
You had me with the pies on a stick! And those heart-shaped rice krispies with a little pink icing are adorable!