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01. Intro 02. 어느 멋진 날 (One Fine Day) 03. 추억은 잔인하게… (With 윤도현) 04. 원기옥 (With 버벌진트) 05. 마일리지 (Mileage) (With YDG) 06. Checkmate (With JJ LIN) 07. 니가 없어도 08. 마지막 잎새 09. Goodnight Lover 10. 27 Years (With Peter Malick) 01. Interesting way to start off an album. I feel like Kpop has the tendency to make violins sound cheesy, and this felt the tiniest bit like that, but managed to save itself. 02. Definitely more ballad-y than I was prepared for. Not my style at all but I can appreciate that it is a good song! 03. This sounds much more like what I was expecting. I love the guitar work in this and I always appreciate a good use of piano. Why was this not the leading single? 04. I knew I would love this solely based on the fact that Verbal Jint was featured, but I actually LOVE the verses with Yonghwa. I feel like I should be listening to this with all the car windows down driving down the highway. Love it! 05. The more I listen to this album the more I wonder why One Fine Day was the single? This song has such a catchy beat with an awesome feature by YDG. I am completely obsessed with this song and I can't wait to have this on repeat. 06. Confession time - I really love JJ Lin. I don't necessarily listen to his music all the time, but I just love him as a person. This song isn't my favorite off the album but I love that JJ was included in the record. This is a darker song than the previous ones and makes great use of the two powerful voices! 07. Slowing it down again with the piano, can't complain. Yonghwa's voice is really beautiful and this song presents it perfectly. Possibly my second favorite off the album? Needs some replaying though. 08. This sounds like a weird Beatles tribute slowed down a bit? I am not really into this because I like different pieces of the song separately but together it's not working for me. 09. Oing this sounds a little cheesy to me. I much preferred the earlier songs in this album (3, 4, & 5) 10. I didn't really love the English in this but it is a good way to finish up the album. Sounds a little summery, a little lovey-dovey, and a little reminiscent. Altogether a nice album!
I personally liked the whole album. Very soothing music with such a tender loving voice. Yonghwa is a very Blessed and talented young man. I wish him well with his future ventures.
#4 is my favorite. But I just had a feeling that would be the case. I'm a not-so-closeted Verbal Jint nerd.
beautiful banda!!!
I feel the same way @linda7! I feel like Yonghwa's talent is extremely versatile!
I liked mileage alot
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