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I have my fair share of issues with Jackson's movie version of The Hobbit. (Three movies?! Seriously?!) But I'll stop complaining about that (sort of) for a moment to talk about how awesome this fan's work is. Nicknamed "The Tolkien Edit," they took all three Hobbit films, cut out everything not absolutely essential to the plot. Sure, it did take very minor bits of the book as well, but it came down to a 4 hour, condensed version of a Jackson film I'm actually willing to add to my LOTR marathons. Thank god. I haven't watched it yet (I will later tonight!) but here's the run down of what was cut: - The investigation of Dol Guldor has been completely excised, including the appearances of Radagast, Saruman and Galadriel. - The Tauriel-Legolas-Kili love triangle has also been removed. - The Pale Orc subplot is vastly trimmed down. - Several of the Laketown scenes have been cut, such as Bard’s imprisonment and the superfluous orc raid. - The prelude with old Bilbo is gone. - Several of the orc skirmishes have been cut. - Several of the action scenes have been tightened up, such as the barrel-ride, the fight between Smaug and the dwarves (no molten gold in this version), and the Battle of the Five Armies. - A lot of filler scenes have been cut as well. The main goal? To focus on the real hero of the story: Bilbo! And to move the film at a brisk pace that matches the novel better, while still flowing smoothly. Also, removing all those really unnecessary side plots that, sure, add something to the film but not something anyone really needs. Here's the link to watch or download this cut (totally unauthorized, but I'm pretty sure Jackson will understand): https://ia801509.us.archive.org/23/items/67341290/-.mp4 Though, perhaps I should have made you work for it, like the Tolkien Editor did.... "I hope you enjoy it! Oh, by the way, if you’d like to know how to actually watch the movie, simply left-click the 25th full stop/period in this post. Or, to download it it to your computer, right-click and “save link as”. Apologies for being overly-cautious, but the woods are full of trolls, and sometimes you must mask your presence with a magic ring." Yes, he actually hid it in a period. Bravo!
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Great. Absolutely fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movies, but they weren't what I wanted from a Hobbit movie. Perhaps this will be!