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Where Is It At?

I live my life pretty swell I'm physically, psychologically and financially well I've met a lot of people over time as I travelled To build a strong foundation on this loosened gravel That I can call my mind, the spirit has rose from the chamber To fuse with the body while mentally I was danger I've came a long way to see a lot of things that came to pass The wind has been my ally for the longest, along the sun That masked the damaged area in my self esteem That I've seen but never noticed, watch me heal and the damage disappear like hocus pocus I will not stop til I prevail, others excel fast but I catch them quick Like a hammer to a nail, it's just that swift When my competition is eliminated, I don't celebrate it, I work harder That'll keep the people wondering and asking "Where Is It At?"
Typically, I'm not a fan of rhyme in poetry (I just can't get through it!) But in this case, I don't mind it! I think you did a great job of making the rhymes well but in a way that I read through them and didn't linger on the rhyme but instead got a very nice rhythm.
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