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"People always do crazy things, when they're in love." I absolutely love Disney's Hercules! You can't get a better twist on a traditional rom-com: you've still got a meet-cute, a big misunderstanding, and a happy ending. (There are even multiple montages!) But it's also a Disney tale, full with the animation and songs necessary to suit that! AND! Meg is an awesome character: she's not totally against love. She has a cool backstory (sold her soul for an ex-boyfriend....ouch) AND she's against love for a totally good reason, but still comes around to it. And is a feminist. And strong and kind of rude. Did I mention she's my favorite of many Disney female characters? THIS, ladies, is how you should be in a relationship: strong, stick to your beliefs, be as rude or stubborn as you want to be....but always be willing to make reasonable compromises if it comes to doing it for somebody you love! Anyways, her and Hunk-ules' love story is downright adorable, and I can't get enough of it. I won't say I'm in love....but I'm in love!
@onesmile Which is so true of so many girls, lol! We know "what we want" but often change our minds :)
@fallingwater So glad I'm not the only one!! It's great to see a strong character that knows what she does (and doesn't) want, even if she ends up being wrong about what she wnats!
Oh my gosh XD I love Meg, too!! She's just got that sass that every girl needs to learn.