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Timberline Cycles in Colorado Springs came up with something awesome. They created a brand new, full-suspension fatbike. As far as I know this hasn't been done yet, making this one of the most advanced fatbikes out there. The 2015 Foes Mutz is the name of the bike and it was created by Foes in collaboration with Timberline Cycles. Mountain biker Dan O'Sullivan takes this thing for a spin and I can honestly say I never knew a fat bike could be ridden like this.
Talented riding, but I'd never be able to get a mountain bike to do stuff like that
Boy he is moving. Although I bet it still is a bit on the heavier side
@TeamWaffles Well he is a pro for a reason! But yes it's amazing how well he can handle the bike through that kind of terrain
Okay now I want a fat bike