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I have had a hard time understanding how some have become the leaders of their industries. Just think about it. There are so many competitors doing the same things. They are doing it with the same amount of quality and effort. So then how is it that there is usually one that emerges victorious from the pack? The idea that people are creating something different may be completely off. Most of us are trying to innovate upon ideas that have already been created. So how can you innovate? This talk is about explaining how the understanding of the why may be the most important thing to making your product successful. It is not the product’s process that is radically different, rather the message or belief behind it that is. It is this belief that will give the product its real value, and its real differentiation. It is this “why” that will make your customers believe that they need to spread your product. Think about it. Why do you spread the news of a new product? Yes, you may think, at first, that it is because the product is pretty good. But how many products out there are pretty good? Would you go around spreading all those things around? Probably not. The real reason that products are spread is because that product’s message somehow resonates with you. Once you believe what they believe, you feel an urge to spread that message. And likewise, your message becomes much easier for your friend to really understand why they should spend time/money to do what you ask them to do. Frankly, I really liked this video. I thought that he really got to the most important part of everything a company does. Entrepreneurs talk about how can they differentiate themselves, but lets be honest, what most people do is similar to what others are trying to do. Take the example of Coca-Cola: What does Apple do? => They sell computers. How do they do it? => They hire the best engineering and design talent that they can find, and produce a lot of minimalist designed products. Why do they do it? => Because they believe that technology should be simple and beautiful. Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. So if you really want your product to be different and hold real value for users, think about your why. Think about why you are making the product you are making.
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I think that creating a perfect product is very important what Steve Jobs did in apple was to create a complete touch phone not like some dumb phones with stylus if you never compromise with standards and if you create something that you want to use personally then you will definitely make something good