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There's been a few Post Secret books to date, but I've never brought myself to buy one! And now, there's another one which makes me think about why I haven't yet just bought myself a copy! The truth is, though I LOVE reading PS's every single week, I really only seek out the really emotional, funny, or dramatic ones related to--you guess it!--love! Particularly of the romantic nature. I guess I've just never really been big on the other secrets. But, I think we can all learn something about love from the stories and experiences of other singles, couples, star-crossed lovers and more!! Where else can you read and feel such strong emotion, bearing so much, without having to be a part of the actual couple? Not very often. Though, sometimes, when I read Post Secret, I feel that I am the one going through the experience....weird, right? These are my favorite Post Secrets about love. What are yours?
@onesmile I know :( BUt i'm still strangely addicted!
I just clicked the link you included and WOW! That's a sad, shocking story to go with the first picture :( sometimes I'm afriad to read post secrest, because I think they'lll be about me