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How many of you can remember when you first started cycling, when you first started exercising. How uncertain you felt about what you were doing, how awkward you looked doing it, and how exposed it made you feel. This mindset of self-consciousness creates a barrier to participating in sports, or any form of exercise in general, that is incredibly hard to break. The organization Sport England found this to be this to be especially true with many women. Some women would lag behind their male peers in sports participation for fear of judgment or not looking fit enough to begin with. "This Girl Can" is a new campaign created by Sport England thats focus is to empower those who are too self-conscious to get proper exercise. This really is a breath of fresh air when the majority of sports commercials feature the fittest of the fit in athletics. What do you think about this style of motivation? I think it could really get people motivated, I know I am!
I agree, very refreshing take on sports advertising
@suranimh I think it's about being confident in yourself and not holding yourself back. I'm sure it's just targeted at girls because it's a company, but girl or boy it's a great message
how abot not 'tis girl can' but ' i can you can too' everyone anyone youngsters adults would want 2 enjoy life 2 d fullest but if one not fit 2 experience, it is sad. keeping one healthy is one, exercise besides eating healthy food, maintain good habits n on. a simple walking does well even for d senior citizen so long one is fit able 2 taste d wonderful life tis world we live
@suranimh you make a great point, it should be a campaign to empower everyone!
I do remember when I first started. It's tough to beat the self-consciousness but you're in for a blast when you just relax and enjoy yourself!