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I thought I'd show you all this funny clip as a reminder for proper technique to locking your bike. This may be just a joke but it sends a valuable lesson. First of all, ditch the cable lock. You know, that flimsy tangled lock that has a spinny dial number combo? Get rid of it. Those locks can be cut in a matter of seconds just with some sheers. Second, get yourself a hardened steel u-lock or a steel chain lock. Although not completely safe, they will prevent a thief from stealing your bike in a reasonable amount of time. Some tips for those who want to know more. - It's often better to lock your bike in public as the thief will have a tougher time being discreet about stealing it. - Lock your bike to something secure that won't be able to moved. - Make sure you lock your wheels to the frame and the frame to what ever you are locking it to. - On that note, make sure you lock your bike to SOMETHING. I can't believe people still just like their wheel to their frame and call it a day. Bikes are light and can be picked up.... I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the videos! :D
Just goofin. New boot goofin
@BikeSnob That may forever be a mystery. Maybe they broke the frame and kept that out of the shot?
This clip made me laugh out loud. Seriously though, how did they get the bike frame in the pole like that?
Yup, definitely don't lock your bike like that 😁