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How to NOT lock your bike up!
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I thought I'd show you all this funny clip as a reminder for proper technique to locking your bike. This may be just a joke but it sends a valuable lesson. First of all, ditch the cable lock. You know, that flimsy tangled lock that has a spinny dial number combo? Get rid of it. Those locks can be cut in a matter of seconds just with some sheers. Second, get yourself a hardened steel u-lock or a steel chain lock. Although not completely safe, they will prevent a thief from stealing your bike in a reasonable amount of time. Some tips for those who want to know more. - It's often better to lock your bike in public as the thief will have a tougher time being discreet about stealing it. - Lock your bike to something secure that won't be able to moved. - Make sure you lock your wheels to the frame and the frame to what ever you are locking it to. - On that note, make sure you lock your bike to SOMETHING. I can't believe people still just like their wheel to their frame and call it a day. Bikes are light and can be picked up.... I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the videos! :D
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